About Us

STRATHMOREENGINEERING was founded in 1995 and is a well-established engineering workshop with a successful track record for engineering services i.e. fabrication; machining and installation of projects as required by the mining industry.Our services include the following mining related disciplines:Design; manufacture and reconditioning of shaft conveyances i.e., Skip, Cages, Bridles, Counterweights, Inspection platforms for Man & Material transportation in vertical and decline shafts.Manufacture of structural steel i.e. Shaft & Headgear steelwork; bins; chutes and holding vessels.Specialized equipment for the smelter and reduction works on the mines i.e. Ducting’s; Converter hoods; Launders and Ladle manufacture & repairs.

Value Statement

The spirit of partnership

Working together with all stakeholders and committing resources to achieve common goals and objectives.

• Integrity

Being honest, open, fair and trustworthy.

• Excellence

Being the preferred supplier by providing superior services and products at the right time and place at the best cost.

• Caring

Being a concerned, socially aware organisation that cares about its people, customers, partners and the environment by treating all with dignity, respect and fairness.

• Equity

Embracing fairness, justice, diversity and equality in our dealings with all.

Quality Assurance

SABS – ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system was implemented since 1998.

Management & Ownership

Mr. Tinus Bekker (NHDT Mech) – Director

Ms. Ronel Bekker – Director

Mr. Riaan Rademeyer – Marketing